Water for Life...

Comes down from mountains - the most beautiful of God’s creations, speaks the language understood by all – it is the refresher of the world. Today, one person in five across the world has no access to save drinking water. Every day; more than 30,000 children die worldwide before reaching their fifth birthday, killed either by hunger or by easily preventable disease. Situation in disaster and underdeveloped areas is even worse and will be severe in next 25 years as it is among the areas to be hit hard by water scarcity and flood. Women and children walk almost 5 miles a day for a few liters of drinking water available for the whole family. There are certainly harder facts that are untold or probably cannot be told. We are here to adjust our sails because fresh water is rare…

Let’s treat water, let‘s conserve water.

The Facts

The mortality rate for children under-five in few countries is 101 deaths per 1000 children. Water and sanitation related diseases are responsible for 60% of the total number of child mortality cases in these countries, with diarrheal diseases estimated at killing over 20,000 under-five years' children, every year. The combination of unsafe water consumption and poor hygiene practices causes hardship due to resultant high costing treatments for water borne illnesses, decreased working days, and also contributes to lowering of educational achievement due to reduced school attendance by children. Normally the access to safe water is limited in these areas. The water is collected from rain or river water. This will not remove the dirt, bacteria, parasites and deadly E-coli from the water supply. The risk of major infectious diseases, such as bacterial diarrhea, hepatitis A, typhoid fever, dengue fever, malaria and leptospirosis is high. Due to excess flooding, the open toilets to over flow causing even more disease to flow into their water source.

The KP@AA (Kontel Presence @ Affected Areas) for providing safe drinking water projects is implemented by Kontel Group USA through its allied partners Kontel Water Technologies USA, CBI Pvt. Ltd Pakistan and all who want to help humanity. The Project will help in providing technical assistance and hardware for safe drinking water. The Project will involve activities in selected areas, including flood and earthquake affected areas of Bangladesh, Pakistan, Indonesia, African countries and where ever our partners required to rescue humanity.

The overall goal and objectives of the KP@AA is to provide mobile water purification systems for flood and earthquake affected populations and to prevent them from major infectious diseases. We can also design and built drinking water purification systems for any national and international NGO’s and install at any effected site & country across the globe.

Kontel Group and its allied partners jointly announced the launch for a major relief campaign in state of Georgia USA focused on the “prevention of water-borne disease and illness” among the flood-affected population. Water-borne diseases have become a major threat for people directly affected by the floods. Supplying clean drinking water in bottles often involves logistical complications – hence, KP@AA has opted for a more practical alternative based on which, a mobile water purification system produced by Kontel Group for free installation at flood affected population. These systems will be installed in the most severely affected areas. The President of Kontel Group & Management of allied partners jointly announced the establishment of a KP@AA where people can make instant contributions through a telephone call or by authorizing payment through CHECK, Domestic /Int’l WIRE TRANSFER, ACH or CREDIT CARD.

The KPT account Title International:

Kontel Water Technologies Inc. A/c No.:701536127, Swift Code: CHASUS33, Routing # 021000021 at (JP Morgan-CHASE Bank) and the campaign phone number is (+1-440-710-7963, Ms. Hannah)..

The KPT account Title South East Asia:

All payments received from such individuals, companies, NGO’s and institutional donors will be acknowledged through Order confirmation / commercial invoices. Overseas individuals, companies, NGO’s and institutional donors may also remit funds to above KP@AA account against orders to support this International cause.

We are invited all concerned global Non-Government Organizations (NGO’s) to join hands with us. You can order us, remit payments and in return we can install & operate Remote Drinking Water Purification Systems at most affected Areas and worst locations by your organization name/logos across the Globe.